The Housing Matters is a collaborative media project created by community engaged artists Patti Fraser and Corin Browne. The Housing Matters Media Project is focused on using community engaged art practice to contribute to the social and cultural development of youth. We understand creative practice is central to the development of an engaged citizenship and to awakening a community’s potential in meaning making and change.

2011 – Community Engaged Media Artists Corin Browne and Patti Fraser create the Housing Matters Media Project to respond to, question, and investigate issues relating to housing justice amongst youth in B.C.

2012 – The Housing Matters Media Project gathers a collaborative community of 10 young artists, youth mentors, professional film makers, planners, activists and academics.  The group creates a collection of digital narratives that investigates issues of affordable housing: Young Artists Explore the Housing Crisis, The films are screened as catalysts for dialogue and action in local,national,and international venues.

2013 – 2014 The Housing Matters Media Project partners with the Vancouver Foundations’s Youth and Homlessness Initiative to explore issues relating to youth transitioning out of government care at age 19. Former youth in care comprise 40% of homeless youth in B.C.  .The collaboration produces  The 19th Birthday Party an interactive media installation featuring digital narratives created by a group of talented young people, who had experienced government care or homelessness in a series of three weekend media production intensives. 

2015 The Housing Matters Media Project partnered with Vancouver Foundation to recreate the 19th Birthday Party Installation and train a group of young curators to host the installation for future community events and installations.

2016 – The Housing Matter Media Project produces Portraits of ConnectionThis inspiring collection of short video portraits features stories of relationship and agency which dramatically impacted the lives of seven remarkable people who experienced the foster care system.

2016 – 2017 The 19th Birthday Party installation tours seven lower mainland venues.

2017 – Co-artistic directors Corin Browne and Patti Fraser extend their collaboration with advocate and community organizer Violet-Rose Pharaoh in We Are Everywhere;a community enagaged book-making project that will further explore the experiences of youth aging out of foster care and the ways 


The Housing Matters Media Project has been generously supported by:


Housing Matters’ research partner  was The Housing Justice Research Project at UBC, led by Drs. Penny Gurstien and Margot Young.

Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council, the Real Estate Foundation of BC, MetroVancouver, and the Housing Justice Project at UBC, funded in part by the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative.