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Hi Everyone, it is hard to believe this is our last meeting at Purple Thistle before our production period starts.

Corin and I are wanting to continue to check in with you regarding your outlines, first drafts.

And we have been thinking about what we were charged to do in this community engaged media arts project. That was:

To create of a series of responses to the housing crises through the lens of young artists who have, or who are, facing challenges to be safely and affordably housed.

(We understand any amount over 30% of our income puts us at risk, and we might want to understand what amount constitutes 30% of our income in the first place.)

We understand from our own research the need to create narratives that challenge the predominating stereotypical images of people who are currently facing challenges to be safely and affordably housed.


It might be useful to think about the potential kindness of our future audiences.

When one considers, how many distractions that exist against the willingness these potential audiences have to lending their minds and their time to considering the collection of work produced in this project, we could view their participation as acts of generosity.

Sometimes it is useful to think of the audience as able to easily fill in the blanks, to consider them with intelligence and knowledge… but the one element they don’t know anything about is the world represented by the filmmaker’s lived experience.

This may sound like a ridiculously self centred, but the art of story can make it not so.

We appear to have an infinite appetite for stories. Stories that reveal the details of individual lives in a way that open us to larger considerations. Stories about what we all share or don’t.

I think this is, in part, what Arelyn Weissman talks about when she emphasized importance of locating yourself within the story.

The small story of a life when drawn with a richness of detail can hold within it the larger themes we are looking at.

When we talk about story, it includes fiction or nonfiction.

We ask you to consider our original call. And invite you to consider developing of this voice/visual element/narration/presence in your individual pieces. And to trust your discerning eye as it relates to your response to finding or having, safe and affordable housing.

Please email me with times you might be able to meet before production period to look over your drafts as they evolve.

Available: Monday November 19 – 11AM to 7PM
Tuesday November 20 – 11 AM to 3PM or 6 – 7PM
Thursday November 22 – 11 AM on (Maritime Labour Centre
Friday November 23
Warm regards, Patti

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