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October 25, 2012.


Matt Hern spoke to the group and facilitated an extensive workshop on housing.

Questions Matt HernĀ  asked groups to speak to each other about:

1. What goes through your mind when you differentiate home ownership from market ownership?

2. What is your heritage around ideas of housing?

3. What do you think you deserve?

4. Do others deserve the same?

5. Think of one more question you would ask?


Malcolm MacLean posted this in response to last talk:

Here’s a great info-graphic (scroll down) which effectively begs the question, “In an economic climate where public funds are extremely tight, can we afford to be pushing the homeless into options that will cost taxpayers 10x as much as providing affordable housing in the first place?”

The real cost of homelessness: Can we save money by doing the right thing?


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